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advice for designers

poster design   |     adobe illustrator    |   2023

This project consisted of visually designing a piece of advice aimed at graphic designers. Taken from the book 100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers, the goal was to create a piece that would resonate with graphic designers specificaly and reinforce the meaning of the advice. 


p3 process_Page_1_Image_0001.jpg
p3 process_Page_2_Image_0001.jpg

I began ideating by analyzing the words and letterforms of my chosen phrase. I looked for any interesting relationships between them and considered emphasizing different words. 


Considering my phrase analysis, I explored a range of typefaces and color palettes.

Project 3_Small_OnePoster.png

I then explored three different conceptual directions based on different interpretations of the advice. The first direction focused on the steps it takes to learn the vernacular of a new field. For the second direction, I collected examples of visual vernacular from other fields in order to draw a connection between graphic design and its many applications. The last direction took a more humorous approach using a pun with "field." 

final poster


For the final poster, I developed the third direction for its wit and simplicity. I wanted to emphasize the idea that you have to get completely immersed in a field, literally, in order to learn the vernacular of it. It also speaks to the idea that graphic designers get roped into all kinds of different fields in their work, even something as obscure as a cow field. 

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