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for the love of type

book design  |  adobe indesign + illustrator    |   2023

For the Love of Type is a collaborative book project where each designer chose a font and created spreads that analyzed their history and design. These spreads were then compiled into a book. This is a two-part project featuring the design of the font analysis as well as the overall book. 

font analysis spreads


I chose the font Women's Car Repair Collective, designed by Nat Pyper as part of their Queer Year of Love Letters series. The font references the hand drawn type on a poster created by the Lesbian Alliance of St. Louis from the '70s and also draws upon Moonstorm, a lesbian-feminist magazine from the time. In my project, I wanted to draw upon these same rebellious, DIY aesthetics. 

love of type 5.jpg
love of type 6.jpg
love of type 1.jpg
love of type 2.jpg

digital exploration

Moving into digital exploration, I featured images of the Moonstorm magazines to give context to the font. I experimented with ways to emulate the handmade quality of the magazines and flyer in my design. I also decided on using lavender as a symbol of queer history. 

final spreads


For the final spreads, I created hand drawn elements like borders and underlines to emulate the handmade aesthetic of the font and its history. I focused on highlighting specific parts of the letterforms in the analysis and making the organization of the spreads more structured as well. 

book design


I initially designed the book with a focus on the geometry of type and used letters as a sort of pattern. My goal was to create something that would formally combine well with the content of the book. 

P3 For the Love of Type-10.png
P3 For the Love of Type-26.png
P3 For the Love of Type-42.png

I then switched directions and became interested in playing into the name "For the Love of Type" by creating a book that looked romantic and similar to a love letter.  I explored calligraphy and ornamentation inspired by illuminated manuscripts. I thought the calligraphy was a fitting motif as a nod to some of the origins of western typography. 

love of type 3.jpg
love of type 4.jpg

digital exploration


Incorporating my hand-drawn calligraphy, I experimented with different ways to create the "love letter effect" I was looking for. After creating various cover designs, I decided that a pattern comprised of calligraphic strokes was the most pertinent for a book about typography. 

final book design

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