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ultimate guitar
app redesign

app design    |   adobe xd   |   2022

Ultimate Guitar is an app used to find guitar chords and tablature for songs you want to learn to play. I chose to redesign this app due to its main pain points of irrelevant content, organizational issues, and lack of visual hierarchy and clarity. I also focused on making the appearance of the app appeal more to its users by basing the design on vintage Fender guitars and advertisements. 

existing app

old app icon.png



I gathered inspiration from vintage Fender advertisements. I based my color palette off of Fender's original custom colors. My goal was to create niche references that guitar players would appreciate within the design. 

iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro – 10.png
iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro – 21.png

final screen designs

Asset 18_2x.png
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