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brand identity    |   adobe illustrator + indesign
+ XD   |   2022

Primary is an online and in-store retailer that sells stationery and ephemera with a focus on delightfully good design of their products. Their inventory is sourced from around the world, often including vintage items. When designing the brand identity, I wanted to focus on combining mid-century modern and contemporary influences to reflect the style of their products. Overall, I wanted to emphasize the ideas of design, daily life, and modernism. 


additional skwtches p2 process.pdf_Page_1.jpg
p2 process book scans.pdf_Page_05_Image_0001.jpg
p2 process book scans.pdf_Page_06_Image_0001.jpg
p2 process book scans.pdf_Page_09_Image_0001.jpg
p2 process book scans.pdf_Page_10_Image_0001.jpg

Ideation began with a mind map to pin down the most important attributes and values of the business. I then sketched symbols for the most important descriptors, and then began sketching the logo. I ended up with two final directons. 

final logos

Asset 5_2x.png
Asset 14_2x.png
Asset 6_3x.png

The final logo is inspired by looking outside of a window to reference the main idea of daily life. I stuck to strictly geometric shapes to allude to modernism and design, and created an overlapping effect inspired by risograph printing to reference vintage influences. 

standards manual

I also developed a comprehensive manual of guidelines for applying the brand identity. It includes every aspect of the identity system and explains the best practices for use.

business system

business system SIGNATURE.png


website small.png
Web 1920 – 7.png
Web 1920 – 3.png
Web 1920 – 9.png
Web 1920 – 10.png



diversity in design campaign

social activism-31.png
social activism-32.png
social activism-33.png
poster social activism_business cards copy 13.png
Asset 9_2xhi.png

A campaign for Black History Month to support Diversity in Design collaborative. I designed a poster to be placed in store windows as well as an instagram post adaptation.

subscription box

Free Gift Box with Greeting Card Mockup transparent small.png
Asset 6_2xhi.png
Asset 7_2xhi.png
Asset 3_2x.png
Asset 2_2x.png
Asset 1_2x.png

Primary will also send out seasonal subscription boxes. Above are card designs for each season, with an example of what the back of the winter card would look like. 

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