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festival of masks

poster + ticket design   |   adobe indesign   |  2022

In this project, I designed a poster and ticket for a cultural event celebrating African traditions, The Festival of Masks. My goal was to portray the lively and energetic feeling of the event while aiming it towards all audiences and age groups. 


typography exercises


In the first phase of the project, I was assigned to design three solutions using varying levels of restrictions with only the type for the poster and no images. First, I could only use one font size and 2 weights, next 2 font sizes and unlimited weights, and finally unlimited font sizes and weights. 


Color and Type Studies.jpg
Adobe Scan Mar 1, 2022.pdf_Page_1.jpg
Adobe Scan Mar 1, 2022.pdf_Page_3.jpg
Adobe Scan Mar 1, 2022.pdf_Page_2.jpg
Adobe Scan Mar 1, 2022.pdf_Page_4.jpg
poster process_Page_03.jpg
ticket process_Page_01.jpg
poster process_Page_15.jpg
ticket process_Page_08.jpg
poster process_Page_11.jpg
ticket process_Page_10.jpg

final design

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