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sacred heart

identity design   |     adobe illustrator    |   2024

Sacred Heart is a business that creates custom mosaics and stained glass pieces for clients along the Central Coast. The goal with this project was to create an identity that captures these bespoke mosaic works and the passion behind them.

logo design

Sacred Heart.png

 I created this heart illustration based on the client's mosaic designs, but simplified to work as a logo that can be easily identifiable at small sizes. I included the curling tail at the point of the heart to make a slight shape of the letter "S" on the left side of the heart to reference the name of the business, Sacred Heart. I chose this calligraphic and geometric font for "Sacred Heart" to reference the look of glass pieces in mosaics and to evoke a sense of the hand-made.

business cards

Sacred Heart_BizCard-19.png
Sacred Heart_BizCard-20.png
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