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camp clue

board game design   |   adobe illustrator   |  2021

I created a board game based off the classic game Clue, but with a camping themed twist. My goal was to create a fun and whimsical game aimed at children. I designed all of the components, from the character cards to the instructions.


game board


I designed the game board based on the original layout of Clue, with 9 different locations and secret tunnels scattered throughout. The grid is also designed with the optimal amount of spaces for a classic 6 sided die. I created each illustration with a whimsical feel in mind. 


Asset 2_2x.png
Asset 3_2x.png
Asset 5_2x.png
Asset 4_2x.png
Asset 6_2x.png
Asset 1_2x.png
Asset 11_2x.png
Asset 8_2x.png
Asset 9_2x.png
Asset 10_2x.png
Asset 12_2x.png
Asset 7_2x.png
Asset 13_2x.png
Asset 16_2x.png
Asset 14_2x.png
Asset 15_2x.png

I then designed cards for each character, stolen item, and location in the game. The font used throughout the game is a custom font I created.



front cover


back cover

game pieces

Photo Jun 10, 12 26 49 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 10, 12 22 21 PM.jpg

I also sculpted game pieces out of clay that corresponded with the card illustrations.

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