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tea packaging illustration

packaging illustration    |    procreate +
adobe illustrator    |   2023

A tourism campaign designed for a state park on California's central coast. The campaign emphasizes the mindfulness and spiritual state that an individual can experience through focusing on the intricacies of nature's processes while at the park. I produced all of the photography and copy for the project. 


concept 1 p1.jpg
concept 1 p2.jpg
concept 1 p3.jpg
concept 2 p1.jpg
concept 2 p2.jpg
concept 3 p1.jpg
concept 3 p2.jpg

I began by creating three conceptual directions for the campaign and sketched how they could be applied to different deliverables. The first concept showed off the variety within the park, the second leaned into the idea that the park feels like a secret, and the third emphasized the tiny details of the landscape. Moving forward, I selected the third concept and combined some elements from the other two. 

poster series

poster mockup.png

This series of posters uses side-by-side photographs to compare and contrast disparate elements of the park that have visual similarities. The function of this is to highlight the connectedness of nature and the variety of scenery within the park. The copy and font choice create a matter-of-fact and introspective message that bluntly encourage viewers to immerse themselves in the details of nature and see what they can learn about themselves from the experience. 



The brochure for the campaign features a window on the front panel to give a sneak peak of the variety of landscapes in the park. Once opened, this window can be used as a view finder for users to focus in on specific details at the park and block out everything else, further emphasizing the idea of mindfulness. The rightmost panel then shows three points of interest at the park with a rectangular detail shot overlayed that mimics the effect of the viewfinder in action. I also designed a map for the back of the brochure to help users navigate the park since there is limited cell service. 

instagram posts


The campaign also uses instagram posts to features small activities and findings within the park. The goal of this is to encourage viewers to go out and find these small details. 



Finally, the campaign is rounded out with a tote bag and a variety of field journals. I chose these items specifically because they can help visitors go out on their adventures and get into the nitty-gritty of things. The journals especially can facilitate the introspective moment that the campaign encourages. These items feature zoomed in details of the park and use them as patterns. 

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