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elise coatney

visual homage

poster design   |   adobe illustrator   |   2021

In the class Graphic Design I at Cal Poly, we were instructed to make posters to spread awareness of a social issue, in the style of a historical artist or movement related to that topic. I chose the topic of inclusive sex education for LGBTQ+ youth and used Keith Haring's style in the posters. The purpose of my poster was catch the viewer's attention and make them think about the issue. 


I began by creating concept sketches to imagine what style I wanted to use and possible phrases I could use on the poster. After I decided on using Keith Haring, I tried out a few layouts with rough sketches, as well as a variety of color palettes and copy. 


final design

I decided to use these Keith Haring style figures with an inquisitive pose to go with the phrase "what about us?". Scattered throughout the doodles around the center, I included words that describe what inclusive sex education could look like or cause. 

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